Feast Days

Oct. 1 ++ Conduit++
The Faithful will note that binary is useful for something, even if it is only floor art.
Oct. 6

Feast of

The Faithful are reminded that,
at all times, lightning and
cows just don't mix.
Oct. 7
Feast of Sleepless A Reading from the
Book of Mixed Blessings

And lo, the man Mulder and the Helpmeet
had been separated, making him bitchy,
and her, seriously chunky. And the
PowersThatBe sent the man Mulder a new
partner, who looked all right, sure,
kind of cute even, once you forgot he was
the same guy who
almost had sex with that he-she in
Gender Bender, but, who, on reflection and
with time, would turn out to be
a rat-bastard of the highest order.
And it was not good at all.
Oct. 8 Feast of ++The Jersey Devil++ A Reading from the Book of On-going
Innuendo, Sexual or Otherwise

"Keep that up, Mulder, and I'll hurt you
like that beast woman."

Oct. 11 ++Home++ A Reading from the Book of the Obvious
And when asked by the Helpmeet, there on the bench, in Home, Pennsylvania, which bears a striking resemblance to spots in British Columbia, the man Mulder did inform her,

". . .aside from the need for corrective lenses and a tendency to be abducted by extraterrestrials involved in an international governmental conspiracy, the Mulder family *passes* genetic muster. "

As if there were any doubt.

Oct. 13 Happy Muldermas!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CC's birthday
Feast of ++Clyde Bruckman++ and his final repose A Reading From the Book of
Things to Keep in Mind
And on that day the Faithful learned that
autoerotic asphyxiation is a truly
undignified way to die, that the man Mulder,
for his part, was woefully under-insured,
and that, cute and cuddly
as they may appear, Pomeranians can get very
ticked off when not fed regularly.
Oct. 14
Oct. 21
The Holy Week of
++Duane Berry++ and ++Ascension++
The Holy Grail of 'Ship
if you ask me, which you didn't, but let's say you did. . .)
The Faithful are asked to go to the VCR,
put the tape in, watch prayerfully,
suffer along with Mulder and the Helpmeet,
hum along with Red Right Hand,
and meditate on just how
good the man Mulder looks through it all.
Oct. 18 ++Teliko++ A Reading From the Book of the Inevitable
And on this day, the Faithful learned
that they can't all be great.
Oct. 20 ++The List++

A Reading from the Book of On-going Innuendo, Sexual or Otherwise

And at that time, the man Mulder posed of the Helpmeet a question:

THE MAN MULDER: Imagine if you could come back
and take out five people who had caused
you to suffer. Who would they be?

HELPMEET: I only get five?

THE MAN MULDER: I remembered your birthday this year, didn't I, Scully?

And the Faithful were left to ponder why,
after this not too subtle reminder, the man Mulder
figured a key chain was the right answer. . .

Oct .22 Shadows A Reading From the Book of Strange Coincidences
And there was great concern in that time, for the
Faithful were led to wonder
if the Helpmeet would EVER be in the room
when the really cool stuff, like letter openers flying
through the air or thugs being dispatched by spectral
assassins, happened, and if so, when, and if not,
how did that bode for eventual RST?
Oct. 27 Unruhe A Reading From the Book Of Vince
And again, the Helpmeet was put into danger,
and again, the man Mulder did go to extraordinary
lengths to find her, even though the premise
was a little shaky, and the whole ice-pick lobotomy
thing was just gross, and more was unsaid than said,
and we all knew it was Polaroid film, anyway.
And yet, the Faithful watched and waited, sure of their
eventual reward, because it was Vince, after all.
But when the time came, there was no hug,
barely even a
*Thanks for getting me away from
this week's psycho, Mulder*
and the Faithful were left perplexed and concerned,
but remembered that CC loves them, and St. Vince
would not let them down, in the long run,
and in the end, lo, there was
Paper Hearts, Small Potatoes, Bad Blood,
and Folie a Deux,
so the Faithful mostly let it go,
loath as they were to let such a Ship-sensitive
moment pass. And verily, those of the Faithful
who weren't already a little nervous about
dentistry in general became so.
With a vengeance.
Oct. 29 Ghost in the Machine The Faithful are reminded that, when nothing else
makes sense, the computer did it.

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