Feast Days

June 1 Official Beginning of Advent
(the waiting is the hard part)
A Reading From the Book of the Inevitable:
And a cry went up from the land:
"How long, oh Lord, how long?"
And the Lord replied:
"June 19th, in a theatre near you!"
Which was almost like an answer. . .
June 2

Feast of the Sleeveless Grey T-Shirt

All Members are encouraged to contemplate
The Mystery of the T-Shirt
as revealed to the faithful in
++Little Green Men++.
Nojo on the rojo?
Is the Truth in Puerto Rico?
And where did the sleeves go?
June 14 Feast of the Miracle of the Color Blindness Prayer for the Day:
Hear us, O Mulder,
who have perfect vision every day of the week, Except today,
who see the world in a blinding array of colours,
Except today,
who see the azure of Scully's eyes,
the alabaster of her skin,
the alarming juxtaposition of colours
in your ties,
Let us not forget, on this day,
That Scully dyes her hair
June 19 +++The Feast of the Sacred Line-up+++ Members are asked
to form two straight lines,
one for ticket holders,
one for those still waiting to purchase tickets,
(that is *The Saved*, and
*Those Yet Seeking Salvation*)
and to refrain, if possible,
from screaming mindlessly
during the movie.
Unless they really do kiss.
Then, go for it.
June 20-26 +++Holy Week of Word of Mouth+++ Go forth in the land,
spreading the Good News,
sharing the lessons of where it's playing,
when, and why it's worth seeing,
even to those who may mock and doubt you,
(and yes, you'll be mocked and doubted,
especially after you've seen it five times,
and recite the dialogue as a matter of course.)
And, at all times, and yea, when speaking to
those who have not yet seen the MulderLight,
keep in mind what your mother told you:
"If you can't say something nice,
comment on the special effects."
June 27 Fanfic Preparation Week Members are asked to fix
all the character inconsistencies,
plot holes,
and out and out nonsense
which may
have worked its way into
The Sacred Script
by writing it all better in fanfic.
Same as always.

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