Feast Days

Nov. 2 Redux The Faithful will be as patient as possible, knowing Redux II is on the way
Nov. 3

The Field Where I Died

A Reading from the Book of What Can Happen When the Big Guy Goes to Play with His Other Show and Leaves a Couple of Guys with Their Own Agenda in Charge
And on that day, a cry went out from the land, and the Faithful did weep and wail, and gnash their teeth (for good measure), and ask, in voices filled with rage,
"Melissa's his WHAT?"
2Shy A Reading from the Book of Things to Keep in Mind
If he translates Italian poetry and hangs out in chat rooms, run like hell.
Nov. 4 3 A Reading from the Book of Mixed Blessings
And lo, as the fire burned, and only the charred remains of three were to be found, the man Mulder held the necklace which the Helpmeet had been given for Christmas
(or maybe her First Communion --
the details area bit fuzzy) and looked sorrowfully aloft, wondering.
For the Helpmeet had been taken by Duane Barry
(or maybe THEM, whoever THEY are --
the details are a bit fuzzy)
and that made the man Mulder sad.
Really, really, seriously, miserably, nasty sad.
So sad in fact, that he had sex with a vampire.
A vampire who could not act.
And this, the Faithful knew, was certainly
The Low Point.

Nov. 5 Ice A Reading from the Book of On-Going
Innuendo, Sexual or Otherwise

"You may not be who you are."
Nov. 9 Redux II A Reading from the Book of the Obvious
All that kissing.
They're just friends.
Nov. 10 The Walk The Faithful will refrain, at all times, from hanging out in sand pits.
Sanguinarium A Reading From the Book of Things to Keep in Mind
Truth may be beauty, and beauty, truth, but conventional plastic surgery seems so much less drastic, somehow.
Nov. 11
One Breath The (other) Holy Grail of 'Ship
The Faithful are encouraged to pop the tape in the VCR and appreciate the man Mulder in that mock turtle neck and those jeans.
Over and over and over.

Nov. 12 Space A Reading from the Book of On-going Innuendo, Sexual or Otherwise
"You never wanted to be an astronaut when you were a kid, Scully??"
Nov. 16 Unusual Suspects

A Reading from the Book of the Three Fairly Wise Men
And the man Mulder came unto that place,
that place being Baltimore,
and searched high and low,
and probably in the middle, too,
for the suspect,
who was set up and sweet on Byers.

And for the first time the Faithful saw
The Ring,
and were sore afraid,
or at least really confused.

Nov. 17 Oubliette A Reading From the Book of the Fairly Obvious
And the man Mulder pointed out to the Helpmeet,
who sometimes seemed not to be paying attention,
"Not everything is about my sister, Scully."
But the Faithful,
who had lived through One Breath,
already knew that.
Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man A Reading From the Book of The Patently Obvious
CSM is Satan.
Nov. 18 Fire Walker The Faithful will avoid mushrooms and other fungii
asparagus and anything resembling it,
and say a polite *No, thank you* should anyone offer to take you to a volcano and change your life.
Nov. 19 Fallen Angel A Reading from the Book of On-going Innuendo, Sexual or Otherwise
"The Enigmatic Dr. Scully"
Nov. 23 Detour The Faithful will pray for a rain of sleeping bags.
Nov. 24 Nisei A Reading From the Book of Wonders to Behold
And on that day, the man Mulder wore the grey T shirt,
The black V-neck,
the jeans,
and the leather jacket.
And it was sooooo good.
Nov . 27 Samantha disappears The Faithful will spend the day wondering how it all might have been different had the sister Samantha NOT wandered off with those little grey men.

Special thanks to SALLY for her wise and witty contributions!!

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