Feast Days

May 2 Mystery of Big Blue All Members are asked to sit on a rock,
have a deep conversation with
a colleague, friend, lover,
or all three at once, if possible,
and watch that dog. . .
very carefully.
May 3 Feast of ++Pine Bluff++ A Reading From the Book of 'Ship
And the shippers did fear and tremble,
for John Shiban was writing the ep,
and that was rarely a good thing,
(the jury still being out on ++Elegy++ and
what with the goat suckers and all.)
But A Source Close to the Creator,
and in-the-know about these things,
spoke to the Reverend Mother and said
"It's good! He wrote it, and it's good!
And Mulder! Yow! Torture AND Lickability!"
And the 'shippers were yet afraid,
but they watched as the mystery was revealed at 9 p.m,
as was foretold by TVGuide.
And lo, the ep rocked, plot holes and all,
and Mulder in black, head to toe,
even with that goofy mask.
And they saw it was good.
And John Shiban was taken off the hit list,
and put on shipper probation.
May 4 Feast of ++Elegy++ And the 'shippers watched, and said
"Well, the plot made no sense.
But the way he said her name
when her nose started to bleed?
And they were right.
May 5 Feast of ++Soft Light++ Let Us Pray
From small seeds, do mighty sunflowers grow.
From ++Soft Light++ came The Offer. And from
The Offer came St. Vince's Position at 1013.
And from the Position came ++Pusher++.
And other good stuff.
So what if the physics sucks?
May 10 Celebration of ++WetWired++ "Scully, you are the ONLY one I trust."
Enough said.
Feast of ++Folie a Deux++ "Scully, you *have* to believe me.
Nobody else on this whole damned planet does,
or ever will.
You're my one in five billion"
And lo, we hope Scully got a clue.
May 11 Feast of ++Demons++ Reading from the Book of Minor Miracles:
He went out into the desert,
(or Rhode Island, whatever)
and lost he there, three days and nights.
And on the third day he spoke to his helpmeet, saying:
"I'm in a hotel room, naked and shivering,
rather confused, with fresh holes in my head.
Could you hand me that file?"
(Or words to that effect).
And lo, the helpmeet was transported to the desert
(or Rhode Island, whatever)
on the wings of angels, or something,
because she got there rather quickly,
and this was The First Miracle.
And she found him in the tub,
naked and shivering, just as foretold
and wrapped him in swaddling clothes
and led him to the bed,
where she checked him for shock,
and other signs of trauma,
instead of jumping his delightful bones,
which surely qualifies as a Second Miracle. . .
May 12 Feast of ++Our Town++ Feast?!!!!!!?
"Good People, Good Food"???!!!!?
We don't think so
Members are strongly encouraged to go vegan today.
May 13 Feast of the Erlenmeyer Flask A Reading from the Book of Modest Revelations:
A beast shall come among you,
but you shall know him not;
he will look like a man,
and yet his blood shall run green and toxic.
And he'll be shot full of holes
and live beneath the water many days.
And the Number of this Beast shall be 6 Bases.
Which is not found in nature,
and should give you a clue or two.
And one who's hair is red shall breach the fortress
and one who's throat is deep shall sacrifice his life.
And you'll have more questions than answers
But that is CC's way.
May 17 Feast of ++Talitha Cumi++ A Reading from the Big Book of Bad Ideas
And on this day, lo, it was proven, beyond a doubt
that two-parters aren't always a Good Thing.
Feast of ++The End++ As is traditional when the end is near, Members are
respectfully asked to repent
May 18 Feast of ++Gethsemane++ A Reading from the Book of Minor Miracles:
And lo, his helpmete, who was dying
and getting a little tired of his antics anyway,
spoke to him words too nasty to repeat.
And, lo, he was depressed.
Depressed enough to watch old file footage
of scientists discussing extraterrestrial life.
And on that day he did shed,
convincing tears.
May 19 Feast of ++Anasazi++ "Nothing disappears without a trace."
May 24 Excessive Gel Day In rememberance of Mulder's Fashion Faux Pas,
(aka most of fourth season)
Members are encouraged to wear tasteless
neckware and use at least one half cup
of gel, mousse, or other
assorted hair products.

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