Feast Days

Sept. 10 Feast of ++The Pilot++
A Reading from the Book of Files
In the beginning, there was +The Pilot+
featuring Mulder in his Glasses, Scully in
her Unmentionables,
(skimpy, yet practical)
a black out, a motel room, a candle-lit
conversation by the bed,
enough UST to choke a horse,
and some paranormal stuff, too.
And a dedicated few saw that it
was good, and told their friends,
and planned to come back for more. . .

Feast of
++Little Green Men++

"I may not have the X-Files, Scully,
but I still have my work.
And I’ve still got you.
And I still have myself."
Sept. 17 Feast of ++ Deep Throat++ A Reading from the Book of Expendables
And the Lord/Creator/Executive Producer
looked down on His creation,
and saw that it was pretty good, all things
considered, but was lacking in Edge.
And he said unto Himself
(because, at that level of power,
who else are you going to talk to?)
"I have made the man Mulder a helpmeet,
of sorts, skeptical little dickens that she is,
and now he's emotionally invested,
but I don't wanna kill her off,
because she's tested well with the
audience, and she's kinda cute,
and they have that
*chemistry* thing happening all over
the screen, even if I pretend they don't.
So, to whom shall Mulder turn when
he needs info, and I need intrigue,
not forgetting how
traumatized my generation was by the
whole Watergate mess?"
Thus, in need and irony,
was Deep Throat created.
Sept. 22 +++The Blessing Way+++ He is risen.
(setting a dangerous precedent, but anyway. . . )
Sept. 23 ++The Host++ And on this day
The Faithful
were put off Port-a-Potties forever.
Sept. 24 ++Squeeze++ A Reading from the Book of Deep Thoughts
And on that case, Colton was
being a smarmy, greasy-haired jerk,
and the Helpmeet was puzzled,
and Mulder was both
territorial and annoyed,
giving us our first real blast of UST,
(and it was soooo good!!!)
And he toyed with the Helpmeet's
necklace and spoke unto her, saying
words both true and wise:
"Sometimes the need to mess with
their heads outweighs the
millstone of humiliation."
Sept. 29 ++Paper Clip++ Lots of files. Lots and lots of files.
Sept. 30 ++Blood++ On this day, the Faithful are asked to
avoid both low-flying crop dusters and
any electronic gizmo
likely to grow a mind of its own
(computers, naturally, excepted)
and to refrain from saying
"bye bye" if at all possible.

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