Feast Days

The Holy Month of FTF Contemplation

In light of the semi-sacred film,
the Faithful are asked to consider the following,
and come up with appropriate solutions,
since no one at 1013 managed:

X Why wasn't Stevie's mother up in arms?

X Why couldn't they get a product placement for Coke or Pepsi?
RC, even?

X How did he find Scully in that big alien ship? Seriously.

X Who's side is Cancerman on, anyway?

X Why was Mulder late for the meeting with OPR?
Didn't he know about it, for goodness sakes?

X A gestating virus? Huh?

X When, exactly, did Scully move to Georgetown?
When, exactly, did Mulder move to Arlington?
How, exactly, did they manage to take
exact duplicates of their former residences with them?

X Wouldn't it be eaiser if they just moved
to the same town and shared a place??

X The SyndiConsortium keeps
a team of faux paramedics
hanging around, just in case?

X Why can't I buy a Happy Meal
with FTF Collector Cup,
Fight The Future French Fries,
a Big Mac with the sesame seeds
on the bun arranged in an "X"
and my own "Alien with bad attitude and
retractable claws" play toy?
Who's responsible for this marketing fiasco?

X Neanderthals? Texas? What???

X What's with all the mumbling? Enunciate, already!

X Now what???


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