How did it get to be December???
Dec 05/06

Let's Put the X Back In Xmas!

Oct. 13/06

It's the most wonderful time Of the year!!!


(Part of the Project- Truthseekers Cycle)
aka the story that ate my brain

Where did the time go????
Dec 22/2005

Usual Christmas Madness

Oct. 13/05


Nov. 13/04

And they said it would never happen

The fifth and final part of
Under Construction

Oct. 13/04


play Spin the Bottle

June 24/04

New art and recs at

New recs at  
 Raiders of the Lost Fanfic!

Part four of
Under Construction

April 7/2004

Let's see: 

New art and recs at

New recs at  
 Raiders of the Lost Fanfic!

Update at

New and improved
 Fun and Games!

Chapter Five of
Bright Lights, Big Trouble

And, um, part three of
Under Construction

January 26/2004

How time flies...

Latest project: 
Jabberwocky by the Sybarite Collective 
of which I am 1/7th

Lots and lots of new art and fic at IOHO

New recs at  
 Raiders of the Lost Fanfic!

Updates at
CyberScroll of the Faithful
& MCRU Hall of Fame

And yes,  Under Construction is still under construction.

December 12

Sigh.  Suffice it to say, two hands are better than one.

Let's put the *X* back in Xmas!

June 16

Q: Could she *BE* slower? 
A: Sure she could!

more of
 Under Construction

April 15

New WIP 
(oh god no!  Not a WIP!)
 Under Construction

April 6

I was eaten by wolves. 

Okay, no. I am working on fic. Really. 

Let's see.  All I've done is beta.  
Tons of beta. And build sites
 (like these: Pacquin, Suture,  OneMillionAndNineHoratio, Just Amy, Tesla, - go visit!)  

And made covers for IOHO.

That counts, right? 

December 23

New fic!

The Answer

December 1

Let's put the *X* back in Xmas!

One day, you wake up, and it's October.
And you know what that means



Chapter Four of Bright Lights, Big Trouble

   Raiders of the Lost Fanfic!

Brand Spankin' new MulderClones

Life, okay? 

After many many months, two bouts of pneumonias, one crisis after another, William, The Truth, and the end of the series as we know it, it's finally done!

 Running Lessons Book Three

And visit 

 Raiders of the Lost Fanfic!

And for those who have asked, yes, I will be updating MCRU -- I have just been too busy with the brain eating fic. 

January 29

New fic!  Solstice
(brought to you by the makers of 
Grave Goods
Running Lessons!)

Updated Raiders of the Lost Fanfic!

CyberScroll of the Faithful - updated

MCRU Hall of Fame - updated

January 8/02

Happy New Year

Thanks to everyone who voted for my stuff in the 2001 Spookys.

New, teeny tiny, special order AngelFic, called 
Paris By Night.


Merry Xmas!

I've had company, sick kids, and pneumonia, in that order. 
So all I've had time for is: 

Updated Raiders of the Lost Fanfic!

and a new, if tiny fic,
155 Words - Not Forever 


It's a long story. . .

For Epiphany and Sojourn
Thanks, Lara!

Finally, I am holier than someone!

Archive of New Stuff
(yes, it's a very weird concept)


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