Have you read all the fanfic that's been posted in the past 18 months or so? Looking for something, if not necessarily new and different, then, at least, old and different?

Well, I've been around here forever, frankly, or as forever as it gets in the cyber-verse, and I've seen a lot of great fic come and go. I hope to feature a different gem or two from those hazy, crazy pre-2001 days here each month. Some will be straight case files, some will be MSR's, some will be hard to describe. All will be worth the read, one way or another. I promise.

If you read something you like, please be sure to let the author know.

(p.s. -- some of the email addresses may not be working -- that's the problem with antiques: they are so unreliable)

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All disclaimers attached to said stories, of course, apply. So if it says NC-17, and you shouldn't be reading it, don't look at me.

Dead of Winter by Jane Lumley
Mulder at Oxford.  A beautiful don. A serial killer.
Oh yeah. 

The Interregnum Series by Horatio
Scully and Doggett, but in a grown up, reasonable, realistic way. 
 If your tastes lean to the shippy, like mine do,
 be sure to read the follow-up, 
Two Such Men

Edge of Field by Lisby
A different take on the post-col world. 

Angie by 1,000,009
I cry every damned time I read this...

Resurgam by Ophelia
Murder, mayhem, Mulder, 
Martha's Vineyard, and old ghosts. 

So, We Kissed by Alelou
What kept M&S apart for so long? 
It might not have been anything obvious...

Angular Momentum by kel

I don't know what to say -- just read it. You'll be glad.

Grand Gestures by Revely

See above.

by Lacadiva
"Ignorance ain't bliss; it's just ignorance."

Isometry by Syntax6
A man, a woman, a pickle.
No, really.
This is the director's cut ;)

The Other Man
by Jess M.

Temporal Functions
by Rachel Anton

Why, yes, you DO detect a theme...

All the Way Home and Head Over Heels by Syntax6

Casefile, MSR, serial killer, really nice footwear.

Every Sparrow Falling by Alloway

Casefile, paranormal, religion, madness.
And hotdog, peanuts, and Cracker Jack

Newly renovated!
The Museum
(past recommendations)


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