Maggie's Lasagna

How often has this happened to you?

You settle down for a nice chunk of quality time with that great new fanfic you've heard so much about when, suddenly, unexpectly, and inexplicably, you come face to face with a paragraph that reads something like. . .

Her tongue darted tentatively forward, hesitantly exploring the warm, moist cavern of his mouth. He tasted as she'd known he would: like the lasagna her mother had thoughtfully left in Dana's fridge which they'd shared for dinner; like the sweet Merlot with which they'd washed it down; like the vinaigrette Mulder'd prepared for the endive and hearts of palm salad; a bit like sunflower seeds; and something deeper, darker, and more mysterious that was pure Mulder. . .

. . .only to find yourself thinking. . .

"Gee. . . I wonder how Maggie makes *her* lasagna?"

Well, wonder no more! The XF Fanfic Cookbook is here to help you prepare the foods our favourite G-folk consume in the course of both their televised and literary adventures!

No. Don't thank me. That look on your face is thanks enough!

Got a great recipe for Red Museum Ribs? Liver and Onions la Reticulan? Chaco Fried Chicken?

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Coffee a l Clone More to come!
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