Silly Season
Caption Challenge Winners, 1998
Caption Challenge #1 Caption Challenge #2
"Chris Carter's
Last Ditch Effort
At Preventing That
Blasted Screen Kiss"
"Eddie, I know it gets you a
better class of date in here,
but you've really got to stop
impersonating Agent Mulder!"
Submitted by ERIN CARTER! Submitted by H BRADLEY!
Caption Challenge #3 Caption Challenge #4
"Scully, is this a bad time
to tell you I stuck those
sideburns on with
crazy glue?"
And this model comes with doubt,
a slow-to-melt, icy exterior,
ever-changing shades of red hair,
and tiny, little feet.
Who will start the bidding at $9.95...
Do I hear $9.95?
Submitted by Alexa B! Submitted by Rhonda C!
Caption Challenge #5  
Thanks to all our entrants!!
"Scully, does this tie
make me look fat?"
Submitted by Alicia H!  

Thanks to the thousands of you who entered!
All right, hundreds.
Okay, dozens, but that is as low as I go.

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