Caption Challenge Winners '99


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Listen, Mulder, I'm going to tell you this one more time: there are no aliens living at the bottom of the motel's pool. Now cut this out! You're scaring the other guests!
--Submitted by Connie W!
Scully: "Keeping that in mind, why the hell are they
called LITTLE green men?"
--Submitted by Katie M!
"Scully, you know I appreciate your insistence on careful, methodical, scientific investigation. But I was under the impression that Easter egg hunts were supposed to be light-hearted and fun!"
--submitted by Foxsong (and MulderClone 21,108
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Scully, dress alike day was really fun! Let's do it again
next Friday, OK?!
--Submitted by Kathy P!
OK Mulder, here it is, "Arthur Conan Doyle". Now, what is this Halloween treat you promised me?
--Submitted by Kathy P!
Look at that, Scully, November already. My, how time flies when I'm sitting around in a padded room and you're playing on the beach in Africa
--Submitted by JohannaG!

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