Song of Songs:
They Battle the Future

by GoldX

Chapter One-- Her Beloved Waits and Speaks to the Darkness

1) We ran from their unholy of holies, Their glowing domes that shelter their threatening plague.

2) We ran on fleet feet, away from the swarming plague; We ran and found succor in the darkness.

3) We ran and found refuge, But our foes surround us still.

4) Like jackals they surround my beloved; They bay after her soul.

5) They encircle her in their cold halls; They menace her with words like swords.

6) She has no shield but her righteousness, No helm but her bright hair and her eyes of steel.

7) But my beloved is upright; My beloved is small of stature but fierce of spirit.

8) Now my soul sits in darkness; I tally our weapons.

9) Our weapons are small and mean; They are few and cannot menace our foes.

10) Oh! for words of piercing Truth, For words that would blaze like fire, For words that would turn their hideous works to ashes!

11) But now my heart leaps within me; My spirit fills with hope.

12) I hear the hand of my beloved; I hear my partner's hand upon the door; I feel her presence in my heart.

13) But my heart falls from the heights; It lays shattered upon the ground.

14) My beloved's soul is sore wounded; Her spirit feeds the carrion birds.

15) The companion of my heart has been brought low; The torches of her eyes are dimmed.

16) Her ivory brow and her eyes of blue jewels speak of weariness; Her countenance speaks of defeat.

17) The spears of our enemies' words have pierced her; She turns to leave the field of battle.

18) Rise up my love, my fair one; Rise up! I cry to her from my darkness.

Chapter Two-- She Cries Out to Him Across the Gulf and She Listens to the Words of His Heart

1) My heart bleeds within me; My soul cries out to you, beloved among men.

2) My words are cold; My words burn with icy flames.

3) You are strong, beloved friend, Your sword is notched but unbroken.

4) As for me, I am a vessel broken, A vessel that cannot be filled.

5) I am left as useless shards; I leave that you may fight on.

6) I came to your camp as a wolf among the flock; I came, delivered by the hands of your enemies.

7) But you are a mighty oak among the creeping thorns; You sheltered me in your truth; And my heart turned to you and was content.

8) But I am now a useless thing, Weary and wounded from battle, Let me depart in peace.

9) Now your eyes are beams of a desert sun; Your eyes pierce my very center.

10) The words of your mouth engulf me; They speak your truth, our truth.

11) As one together we are whole; The words of my mouth save you and make you whole.

12) If I depart your center will not hold, And your spirit will be scattered on the wind. Oh, beloved! my soul cries out to you.

Chapter Three-- Their Enemies Take Her from His Arms

1) You are beautiful, my love; The tears of your eyes shine like the heavens.

2) The skin of your throat is like white jade; Your skin is like moonlight.

3) I reach for your slender body; I reach for the comfort of your strong arms.

4) Your touch is my home; The world is a wilderness, The world is a parched thing.

5) Your lips are like the softest of flowers; They beckon me to breach the walls of your garden, To breach the fortress within my soul.

6) But woe! my heart fails within me! Our enemies have reached their long arms; Our enemies have stolen my beloved's breath from within her.

7) For Lo! Their plague has traveled the many leagues; The smallest of insects has carried their curse; Men of cruel heart and cold mind have taken her.

8) They strike me down where I stand; And my mouth cries out for my beloved as I fall into blackness.

Chapter Four-- He Quests for His Beloved

1) My friends gird me for this battle; And one who was my enemy has spilled his blood for her salvation. He has placed the means of victory within my hand.

2) Now I stand on the frozen plain of Hell; I stand without true hope but without despair.

3) The power of her salvation lays close to my breast; My beloved awaits and I will not fail.

4) I roam the halls of desolation; The monstrous idol has devoured the multitudes whole.

5) Hundreds upon hundreds stare out in frozen despair, The beast devouring them within.

6) Frozen tombs that promise no release stand in endless rows; My mind lies in icy horror, colder than these cold halls.

7) My mind bows in agony; My heart cries out in this lost cavern.

8) In what tomb have they hidden away your brightness? How does not your spirit shine for me in this darkness?

9) My eyes descry the vessel of your unhappy journey; My hand captures the gold ornament for your throat.

10) And now your tortured visage is before me; You float in the embrace of this demon sepulcher.

11) This will not stand! I take the nearest weapon to hand; I batter the walls that entrap you.

12) And by my hand you are birthed from this unholy womb; By my hand I deliver the bloodstained gift.

13) You awake from the deathly dream; You awake to this frozen corner of Sheol.

14) Your body shivers beneath my hands; My hands wrap you securely in the garments from my back.

15) But lo! all the demons of this place awake; The legions of Hell arise.

16) And we flee through this evil dream; We flee with the claws of death reaching for us.

17) The frigid embrace of death reaches for you; But my lips deliver my warm breath unto you.

18) Yea, your smile warms my very being in this desolation, And yea, you own my soul in all times big and small.

19) We are spewed from the monster's belly, Vomited from this frozen battle ground.

20) The unblinking glare of the sun burns coldly; It watches as the very ground erupts beneath us; The vessel of Hell throws us heedlessly away.

21) My beloved lies still beneath my arm, But my eyes raise to the heavens to behold the wonder.

22) The halls of our entrapment rise with dark majesty; Our prison walls soar to join the lowering skies.

23) My heart turns to liquid within me, But her arms now raise and comfort me; Her arms encircle me and I am home.

Chapter Five-- His Beloved Raises Her Strong Right Arm

1) My enemies again surround me; Again they seek to topple the pillars of my soul.

2) They do not know the strength of he who stands at my back, The warrior spirit that brought me back from the dead.

3) The words of their mouths have no dominion; My eyes laugh them to scorn.

4) I deliver them the small, dead thing, the crawling, flying thing; The thing so small and mean, All that is left to me of a cold, evil dream.

5) Nay, not all; The answer we seek flows in my veins; The weapon inhabits my very being.

6) The sun is a gentle lover now, Raining its blessing upon my beloved.

7) But he is returned to his shadows; The sun sheds no warmth on the dark chill of his anger.

8) Do not listen to the dark words within, beloved partner; Do not listen to the shadows within.

9) Do not send me from your side, beloved; But set me as a seal upon your heart.

10) We hold the future within our hands; We will not leave the field to grant them victory.

11) I hold his fingers encompassed in my small hand; I set him as a seal upon my arm.

The Word according to GoldX, a Minor Prophet