Updated for August/2000

Too much time on your hands?

This should take care of it.


Ugly Desktop? 
Icky Icons? 
Badawg's got all kinds of goodies to make you life and computer  more beautiful.

Despite its strange name, the Hang!Scully site is actually a fun way to brush up on your Scullyisms and kill some time. 

Homework explores the trials and tribulations of being the UberScully-Mulder.  Claudia's done a great job on this cute, short, fully illustrated fic.

The Surly Pectoral Test is designed for those among us who don't think *Skinner* and *erotic* are mutually exclusive.

Paintball Frenzy
Clones.  Paint guns.  Male bonding.  Doritos.

You get the idea.


Mulder! Peeps Just Fell From the Sky
Return of a favourite. St. Louis clearly rocks.

The Sound of Krycek
The hills are alive with this XF musical parody. Great fun .. .and the illustration is wonderful!
A Girl Can Dream

Kipler does it again. . .

Gallery of Regrettable Food

The author may not know it, but this site if full of XFiles
XFiles Virtual Spin The Bottle
At least as scary as it sounds

Ghost Ship Theatre
Hollywood's biggest money maker -- XF style

Everything I Needed to Know, I Learned From The XFiles
Self-explanitory, really

Lone Gunman Jeopardy
Think you know your stuff? The Brunette will put you through your paces.
Celebrities with Sexy Noses

Fun! Games! Adventure! Noses!

Summer Journal 1999 
relive the fun and frolick that was the Hiatus of '99

LoneGunman Concentration
The page can be a little temperamental, but hit *New Game* a few times and enjoy!
Play Barbies
The XFiles Way!
Riotously funny!

XPhiles' Lexicon
Words to live by, compiled by some of the brightest lights in the XPhile gallaxy
Relationship Episode Guide
by the
inimitable Kipler, who boldly
seeks 'ship where there was none before
Action!Dating Online
The number one source for online dating in the action figure community.
 Files of X Hangman
While away those hours between now and Season Eight with some mental gymnastics.
The Day Scully Snapped
It was bound to happen eventually.
. .

Humor in the Key of X

Big silly

You Might Be a Redneck XPhile...

Well, you MIGHT be. . .

Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie
An Effective, Low-Cost Solution for Combating Mind-Control
Alien Ice Picktures Presents...
The Web Adventures of Mulder and Scully
Aliens, monsters, warrior nuns, bananas in pyjamas, karaoke the way you've NEVER imagined it -- This site puts the *action* in action figures
The NeXt Files

well, we've got a season 8 in the works, so this disaster's been averted . . for now. . .

Things that Make Mulder Nervous
They'd make anybody nervous

David Duchovny in His Own Words
That actor who looks a whole lot like Mulder occasionally has something interesting to say. The archivist (I can't find her/his name anywhere!) has done an amazing job of collecting and organizing bits and pieces from articles and interviews. Worth the visit!
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Mulders

A worthwhile organization fighting the scourge of our age: MulderAbuse

XFiles In Jokes
Boys will be boys.

Erin's E-cards
Erin does amazing things with jpegs.
Send one of her e-cards
to someone worthy

Red Speedo Poems Page
Much, as you probably
know, depends on that red Speedo,
covered in rain. . .

Wheelbarrows Reddus
Let there be no poetry, nor lyric, nor verse save that which includes a red wheelbarrow. . .
GA's Animated Eyes
Words fail me. . .
ReBoot: Trust No One
If you don't know, you should
Chimerical Publications
Fanfic, sure, but killer graphics and wallpaper. Eye candy of the finest kind. Check it out.
XFiles Virtual Spin the Bottle

Just what it sounds like, oddly enough. . .

Put a tie on Mulder
Wild! Tacky! Definitely silly
Choose Your Own XFile

An adventure and a half. . .

XF Institution for Relationshippers
clinical help for the M&S love deprived - Kelly makes it all better.
Least Wanted
UDGs and UDBs we'd like to see a little less of. . .
Deep Background
God is in the details, and Pellinor's got the details. Invaluable resource site
Hunkus Intellectico
Poetry dedicated to and about David Whats-his-name
The ACK Suit
He MUST have worn it for a reason, right??
Walter's Office
I have no idea which crazed genius is behind this site, but I am breathless with admiration and envy
Things That
Make Skinner Nervous

and with good reason
Java Mulder Shrine
go. . see. . worship

that about sums it up
Entertainment Weekly Back Issues
sweet nostalgia.
Myhrmaid's Kiss Pages
Kiss DD! Kiss the LoneGunMen!
XFiles Madlibs
Breathtakingly silly
The Daily Scandal
I've laughed til I've cried.
Lone Gunmen Games
Lots of fun from The Brunette
Dressing Mulder
After the ACK suit, you know
what you have to do
Mulder and Scully's Wedding Album
action figures. . .a digital camera. . .an overactive imagination. . .a dangerous combination!!!!
Everything I need to know about life I learned from the XFiles
title says it all
Kelly Youse's
FTF site
Worship at its finest
***More links will be added as I get stuck on my fanfic.(i.e. quite often)***





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