Sno-ball Surprise
as featured in Cooking with Mulder by Ebonbird


1 Sno-ball or Easter Marshmallow Animal (Peeps)
1 Microwave oven
1 paper towel folded twice or one plate
(preferably paper, because
this stuff sticks)


Step 1:
Separate 1 sno-ball from its neighbor or separate on
marshmallow animal from its neighbor.
(These guys like to stick
close to their package mates. Be careful not to violate their
boundaries or they don't pouf as nice.)

Step 2:
Transfer sno-ball/mallowmal to paper towel or plate.

Step 3:
Place in microwave oven.

Step 4:
Set oven to High Power for 1 minute.

Step 5:
Close door of microwave. If you don't, nothing interesting

Step 6:
Hunker down in front of the microwave and press 'play'----
oops! I mean, "Start" or "On" or whatever it is your microwave has as
a start button.

Step 7:
Watch as the marshmallow treat expands and ripples. Watch for
browning at the edges of the rapidly morphing
marshmallow food product.
If you see browning,


At this point, the
marshmallow food product is in danger of turning into burnt sugar
slag. This burnt sugar slag will burn plastic dinner ware.
And skin.

Step 8:
If your sno-ball or mallowmal has not turned into burnt sugar
slag, remove it from microwave (usually after the timer dings) and let

Step 9:
Eat if you dare.
Some enterprising young persons have been
known to slap the mallow thing between slices of toast, cracker,
and/or American Cheese.


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