Not Forever
by MaybeAmanda
Eventually, she tells you to leave. Just pack your stuff and go. The sooner, obviously, the better.

You knew it was coming, but you protest anyway.

She listens, but doesn't hear you. Hands balled into fists, fists fixed on her hips, jaw set, eyes dry, chin lifted, her mouth twitches once before she sighs. "Look, if you've got a better idea, I'd like to hear it."

You don't.

"It's not forever," she assures you. "Or - or it doesn't have to be. I mean - I mean. . ." Her voice drops off.

You don't know what she means, either.

So, you just pack your stuff and go.

Bus to Baltimore. Train to Boston. Rental car to Cleveland. Dallas, eventually. Seattle, maybe?

It's not forever.

On the train, a blonde sits next to you.

'A pretty blonde,' you think experimentally, but your heart isn't in it.

Of course, you didn't bring your heart with you.

November 11/01
Rating: S for Squeaky
Category: My 155 words on the leaving.
 Spoilers: Thorough understanding of rumors
 surrounding 'Nothing Important Happened Today I & II'
and DD's contractual obligations required.
 More disclaimed than disclaiming: Chris Carter
owns M&S; Fox owns The XFiles; I own this story. 
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