I Know That
My Mulder Lives
(to the tune of I Know My Redeemer Lives)

Lyrics by Sister Sal, who toils in obscurity

I know that my Mulder lives
What sweet comfort this thought gives;
Exploding train cars he escaped,
In "7-3-1" and "Blessing Way".

Mulder faced his fear in "Fire",
In "3" he
(insert your choice of one-syllable
past tense verbs meaning
*to engage in sexual relations with*)
a vampire.
The Jersey Devil jumped his bones,
Detective White did make him moan.

Modell and Mulder played with guns,
With Scully’s help, the game he won.
Threatened by a worm in "Ice",
That parasite was not too nice.

Locked up in a Russian cell,
That gulag was a living hell.
The black oil swimming in his eyes,
Betrayed again by Krycek’s lies.

His life has been in jeopardy,
He’s even been shot by Scully.
More lives by Carter he’s endued,
To fight against the Smoking Dude!



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