Amazing Fox

(sung to the tune of Amazing Grace)
lyrics by Sr. Euphrosyne

Amazing Fox, how sweet he looks
Hair tumbling in his eyes
He drops his gun
While chasing crooks,
But blinds them with his ties!

In glasses or in sweaty jeans,
He always looks so fine!
He broods with glower-
Darkened eyes,
Too bad he is not mine!

Shall Mulder work the Files alone,
And all the rest go free?
No, Blevins thought
He needed help
And sent to him Scully.

Through many sewers, fires, and gunk
They have already come,
They've lost some files,
And tapes and discs
Although they're far from dumb!

And doggedly , the weary two
Shall onwards always go !
Cuz he loves her
And she loves him
As all good 'shippers know!



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